UR His Church has been suspended as of July 3, 2022
Due to challenges with Pastor Patrick's parents moving into their home, the UR His Church has been suspended. All our past services are here for you under Resources!
Experience Church Online
Today, people are reeling from a pandemic, political division, and racial divides.

We need hope. We need a purpose. We need Jesus!

UR His Church is an online, purpose-built platform that allows visitors to chat, pray, grow, give and engage with others, all live and online. We strive to be a community of regular people who love God and other people (Jesus in Matthew 22). We have learned that many people want and accept a hopeful, Christ-centered message, but are not yet ready to go into a church building, or, perhaps, they never will. These are the people that UR His Church seeks to engage with.

Searching for meaning?
Searching for answers?
Searching for community?
Searching for truth?
This is where you will find it. UR His – a community of people discovering answers and truth that give life meaning.

Want Prayer?

The UR Team is here for You!